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‘BLUE ANGEL’ is my latest Christmas song which deals with people feeling lonely during the Christmas season, especially Christmas eve and day.  The individual is dreaming about some magic which can change the angel on the top of the tree into a real person.

This is a live recording done at True Davidson Akers Residence in Toronto on December 18, 2015.

marketThis song called “DREAM TALKIN’ describes what many people experience when they wake up from a dream wishing that they had someone close.


This song called “NEVER GIVIN’ IN” is a blues song which deals with the prospect of givin’ up on life but, expresses the intention of never doing so.


This song called “KEEP ON KEEPING ON”, is intended to be a kind of inspiration to people who are experiencing hardships, disappointments or heartbreak in their lives and the message is, believe in and listen to yourself.


This song called “KISS” represents a style of song which harkins back to the 30’s or 40’s and it is all about traditional values in relationships in particular, the notion that couples need to take the necessary time to build their relationship from the ground up rather than rushing carelessly ahead.

The title is a paraphrase of the expression “Keep it Simple Stupid (changed to Sweetheart)”


This is a sample of Rock N Roll and is a song which could be about a car or a woman, You, decide!