These fifteen songs are intended to provide the listener with a collage of musical styles, genres, rhythms, themes and moods. A creation of an image of multiple colours or in this instance, audible colours that you can hear in much the same way as someone sees looking through a kaleidoscope lens.

This CD showcases a broad range of styles and topics, a colourful picture of stories, thoughts and feelings that hopefully mot listeners can identify with or have thought about in their own lives. At the very least, the listener will be taken somewhere enjoyable.

Music is a beautiful gift; it helps us deal with our troubles, consoles us in hard times, brings back old memories and keeps us young. "It's good for the heart."

I dedicate this album to my family and many wonderful friends and I thank the amazing artists who contributed so graciously to these songs. I also give special thanks to my Grandson Riley Kelly for playing Flugelhorn on this album, he makes me proud. I hope you will enjoy this album and share it with others to keep my music alive.

So, Spread the word!


Below are 33 second samples please enjoy πŸ™‚

2 – Out in Rotterdam (feat. Kevin Bell, Norm Lusien, Robi Hamilton & Steve Sherman)

4 – The Right One (feat. Kevin Bell, Norm Lusien & Steve Sherman)

5 – When Love Comes Around (feat. Robi Hamilton, Riley Kelly & Steve Sherman)

6 – Midnight Train (feat. Norm Lusien, Burke Carroll & Steve Sherman)

8 – Given up on You (feat. Christine Malec, Kevin Bell & Steve Sherman)

9 – Easy Road (feat. Kevin Bell, Steve Sherman & Robi Hamilton)

13 – What’s You Doin’ to Me? (feat. Kevin Bell, Norm Lusien & Steve Sherman)

14 – We Gonna Make It (feat. Kevin Bell, David Rosenfeld & Steve Sherman)

15 – We Gonna Make It (feat. Kevin Bell, David Rosenfeld & Steve Sherman)