This CD contains fifteen original love songs covering a variety of true stories, dreams and emotions about love. I hope you will sense the honest ompassioonate feelings. I hae tried to capture the spririt of romance and paint images of commitment and dedications, which I believe, makes for true love between people, be they friends, relatives, or couples. I also wish happiness to those who have someone special and encourage anyone in search of true love to never give up.

Most listeners will identify with a story, an emotion or situion that they may have eperienced personally or through others. I hope that these songs bring you peace and comfort as well as joy.

Music is a beautiful gift; it helps us deal with our troubles, consoles us in hard times, brings back old memories and keeps us young. "It's good for the heart."

I thank the amzing artists who contributed so graciously to these songs and give special thanks to my Grandson Riley Kelly for plaing Flugelhorn on this album and Jane Haberfellner for modeling for the back cover.

I hope you will enjoy this CD and share it with others to keep my music alive. So please spread the word!


Below are 33 second samples - please enjoy πŸ™‚

1 – I Want to Dance with You (feat. Shelley Coopersmith & Steve Sherman)

6 – Dream Talkin’ (feat. David Rosenfeld, Ruth Jenkins & Steve Sherman)

7 – It Ain’t Over (feat. Riley Kelly & Steve Sherman)

8 – Loneliness (feat. Ruth Jenkins, Kevin Bell & Steve Sherman)

9 – If It Was You and Me (feat. Leslea Kurvorst, Burke Carroll, David Rosenfeld & Steve Sherman) – 39 sec Sample.

10 – The Wonder of Your Smile (feat. Ruth Jenkins & Steve Sherman)

12 – Talking About Love (feat. Leslea Kurvorst, Burke Carroll & Steve Sherman)

14 – Blue Angel (feat. Shelley Coopersmith & Steve Sherman)

15 – Under a Velvet Moon (feat. Leslea Kurvorst, Kevin Bell & Steve Sherman)