• Remedios - comes from Spanish word for 'remedy', remedio and is the female form of the name.
  • Remedios refers to a medicine, something that will cure ills and refers specifically to remedy provided by divine sources.

This title reflects my feelings about the divine gifts of writing lyrics and creating melodies which I have been given to transform my thoughts into words and into music. I hope that those who listen to my songs find a kind of melodic medicine which might bring about peace "cure ills".

I have found a sense of inner peace and remedy through the therapeutic value of writing these songs about my life experiences and inner thoughts which I share with you herein... Enjoy the bakers dozen!
And, spread the word!


Below are 33 second samples please enjoy πŸ™‚

3 – An Old Dream (feat. Steve Sherman, Rebecca Corbet & Kevin Bell)

5 – Life Is Tougher Than You Think (feat. Steve Sherman & Kevin Bell)

6 – So Tired of Leaving (feat. Steve Sherman, Rebecca Corbet & Cynthia Corbet)

8 – Song for Leslie (feat. Steve Sherman & Leslie Dawn Knowles)

11 – October Blue (feat. Steve Sherman, Kevin Bell & Rebecca Corbet)

12 – It’s What We Do (feat. Steve Sherman & Kevin Bell)

13 – Sweet Memories (feat. Steve Sherman & Lance Vansickle)