Murray at the Old Nick


Murray’s NEW CD ‘Lovelight’, October 5, 2019

“Just listened to your CD start to finish and I think it’s great. The 3 duets are really special.  It certainly comes across as a professional endeavour….. instrumentation and sound quality superb.  You seem to be evolving into a romantic balladeer genre. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
I can only imagine the amount of work you devoted to it’s production including the writing. I found the lyrics powerful and emotive”

This testimonial is from James Jenkinson


Murray at Linsmore Tavern, March 28, 2018

Murray Powell is a very talented singer/songwriter whose songs cover personal experiences, events and his thoughts and feelings about life, love and people. This barrel-chested and heartfelt baritone could melt a glacier with his voice and his authentic Country-Roots music, with clever lyrics that contain both wordplay and substance, make him someone you want to listen to carefully so as not to miss a nuance when he’s on stage.

Elana Harte,
The M Factor Indie Music Showcase & Open Stage


Murray at Providence Healthcare, February 11, 2017

“Murray is a great entertainer! His voice can stand alone, its unique and very smooth.

The patients and staff at Providence enjoyed his performance very much! We will definitely be having Murray back again and again!”

Caitlyn Costello,
Therapeutic Recreationist


Murray’s performance at the Old Nick, June 13, 2016

You sounded great from front to back. People are going to talk, I think the banter was a good sign in a bit of an odd way. You bring a lot of friendships together. Your music is more important than that…but that in itself is important too!

Your clever use of pauses in a song,  jokes and story telling in and between songs…is your signature. That along with writing some amazing melodies with great visual lyrics.

The crowd was happy and you made them so!
I am honoured to know such a great talent that you are!

Lindsay Masters


True Davidson acres (TDA)

This is  a letter of recommendation for Murray Powell. True Davidson acres (TDA) always enjoys it when Murray performs.  The feedback is huge and all enjoy Murray’s   great voice and his performances  are always ones not to miss! You  will not be disappointed with Murray’s  special talent. He has a wide variety of songs  and we enjoy the different styles.

Beth Lajamb, Entertainment Coordinator
President, Residents Council TDA


Gary 17 – the Toronto Moon Magazine

A big, barrel-chested man with a deep baritone voice and a heart to match, Murray Powell may not be a household name —but he deserves to be.  I regard him as a kind of hero, a man who has triumphed over several of life’s adversities –including being blind from birth and losing a loved to a horrific tragedy— by rising above the chaos, using powerful, intimate ballads that resonate truth and honesty as part of his regimen of healing and triumph.

He sings about challenges, but also about the heartfelt glories of love, in Country-tinged tunes that are musically relatively simple but stirring and often quite amusing and cleverly insightful lyrically. His debut 2011 album ‘Remedios’ is a keeper collection of such material, but he also has a lot of more recent tunes that also belong on record.

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Murray Powell & Dave Rosenfeld as ‘The Subway Surfers’ -GARY 17 (testimonial)


Rory Sinclair,  Bloor – Borden Farmers Market

What is impressive is the way you deal with your sightedness – or lack of You cannot, like other musicians, gauge the response of your listeners like most of us do by looking up and out at folks and sort out body language and smiles or frowns or what-have-you. So what you do is you get up there and ‘perform’ – up beat and you speak and sing the same as if there are 100’s of folk or 2

You manage to prime your own pump of inspiration without getting the input from those who may or may not be there . You are a popular guy with both the farmers and the shoppers so you will be back for sure next year.



‘Welcome to Napanee’ Video

Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your song about Napanee. I lived there until I was 13 (moved away in the fall of ’65). It brought back a lot of wonderful memories, especially the mention of Johnny Burkitt, I’d forgotten all about him! I believe he ran a radio/TV repair shop in market square and I also recall the market square barber who had bottles of different coloured hair tonic and would ask me which colour of bug juice I wanted on my hair! We lived for most of the time on First Avenue (last house on the dead end) , then moved to Camden Road for a short time. Lots of great memories playing in the fair grounds, Saturday morning ice skating at the arena and swimming in the quarries.
Thanks for the song, I really enjoyed it!

Michael Wilmot   (Wilmot Scripts)