Below you will find videos for your entertainment.  Naturally more are planned.

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That's Worth Smiling AboutBallad of COVID-19You're Not AloneWhen Love Comes AroundAfghanistanDoin' it RightGod's ProvidenceIt's The Way To Go - AccessibilityO'Blarney Brogue SongLooking for a Needle in a HaystackWe're Still Running - True North Strong & FreeToronto Is The Place To BePhoenixWelcome to Napanee
Composed by Myself (Murray Powell)
In recognition of the thousands of people who are helping others in need; they need to sit back and smile because, That’s worth Smiling about.!

“Ballad of COVID-19”  Composed by Myself (Murray Powell)
This original song is an attempt to encourage everyone to work together to beat the virus down. It’s the only way to accomplish this. It also gives thanks to all those working to keep us alive – “Lets Work Together”!

“You’re Not Alone”  Composed by Myself (Murray Powell)
So many people feel alone and afraid, especially remaining isolated and having to honour the distancing from family and friends – however, this original song reminds you that ‘you’re not alone’ and our sacrifices will bring a brighter future for us all. It also recognises the inexcusable disregard for the safety and well being of others by some of the population, and calls for action to support everyone in need..

“When Love Comes Around”  Composed by Myself (Murray Powell)
From left to right on video – Kevin Bell (lead guitar) –  Myself on rhythm guitar & vocals – Riley Kelly (my grandson) on fugel horne & far right – Darwin Bruce (base guitar).

Composed by The Dan based out of Owen Sound
From left to right on the video, Kevin Bell on lead guitar David Rosenfeld on mandolin,
Myself on rhythm guitar and vocals And Darwin Bruce on bass guitar.

This video was recorded on February 11, 2017 at Providence Health Care, performed for patients. The song “God’s Providence” was written as a tribute to the wonderful people who work there and to thank them for their amazing care, helping me to recover from some serious injuries. Performing this for the audience was a rewarding experience for me, having been in the audience while I was a patient.

This song encourages everyone to demand full access to Goods and Services including Physical and Electronic access, access to Programs and Health care, Transportation, Housing, Education Recreation and Employment throughout Ontario for all citizens.

Featuring Kathleen Howes (guitar, vocals & drum), Darwin Bruce (bass & vocals), Anna Dicarlo (accordion & vocals) – and of course, himself, Murray Powell (lead vocals & guitar).

Napanee Memories

Welcome to Napanee

Tribute to Robbie

These three songs were recorded during a tribute gig held for Robbie Bellemore –  AKA The Blues Butcher –  on May 16, 2014 recorded at the Black Swan located at 154 Danforth Ave. in Toronto’s east end.

These recordings have been included on my website as a testimonial in memory of Robbie Bellemore who’s presence is sadly missed but, long remembered.

I Sure Do Wish Him WellLovin' You BluesI Ain't Never Givin' In

Robbie was a well known musician in Toronto who played a mean blues harp. He played with many musicians over the years and my Tribute song “I SURE DO WISH HIM WELL” represents my memories of Robbie as an excellent musician with a big sense of humour, a good friend.

The second song “LOVIN’ YOU BLUES” was composed well before Robbie’s death however; I never had the opportunity of playing it with his accompaniment. This is Kind of ironic as I did play with him on several occasions over the years and it was Robbie who accompanied me at my first public performance back in March of 2003.

The third song ”i AIN’T NEVER GIVIN’ IN” also a blues song deals with the darker side of life but, expresses the strong resolve of never giving in despite those circumstances.