This CD contains 14 original songs covering a variety of comments on topics and emotions about life and issues of today which may have serious ramifications and are of concern.

I hope you will appreciate the honesty and passion associated with my lyrics.  I have tried to capture the sense of growing uncertainty that we face these days with ever increasing technological advancements, conflict, climate change, and greed/violence that prevails throughout our world.  I feel it is important to raise our voices against these matters.

Most listeners will identify with a story, an emotion or situation that they may have experienced or heard about.  I hope that these songs bring you pause for thought as well as enjoyment and inspire action.

Music is a beautiful gift; it provides forum in which to raise issues, it also helps us deal with our troubles, consoles us in hard times, brings back old memories and keeps us young. "It's good for the heart." I thank the amazing artists who contributed so graciously to these songs and give special thanks to my grandson Riley Kelly for playing Trumpet on this album. I hope you will enjoy this CD and share it with others to keep my music alive. So, please spread the word!


Below are 33 second samples please enjoy 🙂