The definition of Mystic is "open to symbolic or spiritual interpretation, or magic"

This CD contains fifteen original songs covering a variety of true stories/events and themes intended to take listeners on a magical journey, I hope you will enjoy the many interesting pictures and images that you encounter. Some of the stories are magical in a sense and definitely spiritual and others deal with the beauty of nature.

Music is a beautiful gift; it can make us happy or make us cry, it also helps us deal with our troubles, consoles us in hard times, brings back old memories and keeps us young. "it's good for the heart." I thank the amazing artists who contributed so graciously to these songs adding their own brand of style and colour and Corinne Haddad for the lyrics of "How Long Will This Last" I hope you enjoy this CD and share it with others to keep my music alive. So, please spread the word!

Murray Powell


Below are 33 second samples please enjoy 🙂