My song writing began in late December 2010 and to date I have composed over 130 songs!  My music style is one in which I try to impart information to my audience. For example - a story from personal experience or one that I have heard about, expression of emotions including love, happiness, disappointment and sometimes anger - songs which make political statements about todays reality including songs about the military, government, technology and the lament of past life styles which are all but disappearing. This current CD (Heirloom) contains songs about my family as well as songs about some personal experiences, a tribute to a past musician, a song co-written by my daughter and an original song sung by my father. The final song on the CD called 'Magic' sums up my belief that music is a universal healer and a common language without barriers, or limited in time for which I will always be grateful.

I dedicate this CD to my family and many wonderful friends and thank the amazing artists who contributed so graciously to these songs.  I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labour and share with your family and friends - Spread the word!


Below are 33 second samples please enjoy 🙂

4 – Kiss (feat. Robi Hamilton, Steve Sherman, Gord Aeichele & Paul Tarussov)

6 – Tribute to Robbie (Blues Butcher) [feat. Kevin Bell, Norm Lucien, David Rosenfeld & Steve Sherman]

8 – Leslie’s Promise (feat. Leslea Keurvorst, Steve Sherman & Robi Hamilton)

10 – Antidote for the Blues (feat. Kevin Bell, Robi Hamilton, Steve Sherman, Gord Aeichele, Norm Lucien & Paul Tarussov)

11 – Proud of Who I Am (feat. Kevin Bell, Paul Tarussov & Steve Sherman)

12 – Mrs. Munson’s Holiday (feat. David Rosenfeld & Steve Sherman)

14 – My Grandpa’s Pickup Truck (feat. Kevin Bell, David Rosenfeld, Norm Lucien & Steve Sherman)

15 – Magic (feat. Kayla Free, Robi Hamilton, Norm Lucien, Leslea Kurvorst & Steve Sherman)